Hard to think of golf with the wind chills dropping into the negative 20’s. 

However, the Senior PGA Championship has a contest that will let you do just that and win some pretty good prizes along the way. 

The Workplace Putting Contest invites anyone to create a golf hole at work. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. Use whatever you got. Here’s something to get your noggin churning

Play your hole and post a picture or video of that experience here

The winning workplace will take home 10 daily Clubhouse tickets to the 2019 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship, two Cleveland Golf RTX4 Wedges and two Cleveland Golf HB SOFT putters.

Championship Director Bryan Karns joined News 8 earlier in January to discuss the putting competition and try his hand on the “News 8 on Humboldt Links” during News 8 at Sunrise.

“Realizing this time of year it’s cold outside, people aren’t out playing golf, so what we wanted to do is give them some incentive to set up their own office golf contest and if they do and submit a great video, there’s some great tickets and some great golf equipment from Cleveland that they can win,” he said. “I think everybody has a putter and a golf ball somewhere in their office. We’re looking for you to incorporate some different things from your company. If you have a home office that’s great too. If you’re retired, find a place. Just come up with a creative at home, at work golf course. Post the video. All of the information is at SrPGA.com. Tickets are still on sale as well. But again, we fell like this is going to be a great contest and the winners are going to take home 10 daily Clubhouse tickets, and then two putters and two wedges from Cleveland Golf. So it’s a great thing to do with your co-workers or your friends or family.”

The putting competition ends on Monday, so don’t wait too long to get in the game. 

The 2019 Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship is set for May 21-26 at Oak Hill Country Club. For tickets and more information visit SrPGA.com.