DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In a local town that is known for their sports, a new state championship title was added to the list Thursday night.

Deer season has passed, but a successful buck season has arrived.

Dunmore Lady Bucks Basketball brought home the state championship title for the first time in school history.

“That’s just kind of really cool to be able to say that we got that done. It’s really exciting because the whole community has been supporting us from the beginning so it’s been a lot of fun to see everyone come out to the games,” explained Ciera Toomey, of the Dunmore Lady Buck’s Basketball.

Celebrations kicked off with a parade for the women. An event their loyal fans would not have dared to miss.

“We’ve been putting signs on our home all along, I’d have to say for at least the last 20 years and we will continue to do it,” said Gary Hunt, of Dunmore.

Firetrucks and police cars paved the way for the ladies’ path through town

“It feels emotional too to have the home team win. It really does. We’re proud, very proud,” said Barbara Dunt, of Dunmore.

As the victory parade concluded, the team marched their way right here to the home of the lady bucks for a pep rally that brought out a full house.

Players say they are very lucky to be honored in such a special way by their community.

“It’s a surreal feeling, I mean it’s just so amazing to be able to do it, especially with this community. I mean we’ve all worked so hard and there are so many teams that have worked so hard before us, so to finally bring it home is so amazing,” explained Cadie Lewis, of the Dunmore Lady Bucks Basketball.

The win was dedicated to more than just the girls who hit the court.

“it’s for every lady buck that ever played in this program. I mean, so many have come up short and finally, we were able to accomplish the task,” Lewis said in a speech.

For first-year head coach, Carrie Toomey, a life-long goal was achieved.

“I was a lady buck as well, so this has kind of come full circle for me. I mean our goal was always to get to the state championship. To finish this way, just seemed right,” stated Toomey.

The lady bucks gave the town one more reason to say…Go bucks!