PYEONGCHANG, SOUTH KOREA (WBRE/WYOU) – No Olympic gold this time around for Berwick native Jayson Terdiman.

He and partner Matthew Mortensen finished 10th in the Double Men’s Luge Wednesday morning.

They were in 6th place after the 1st run, but ended up 0.566 seconds slower than the winning team from Germany.

A second US team, Justin Krewson and Andrew Sherk, finished 8th.

Germany to the gold and bronze medals with an Austrian team taking the silver.

Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Hensley spent the morning in Berwick attending a watch party as Terdiman’s hometown cheered him on. 

In a tight-knit community, like Berwick, neighbors came together when it matters the most.  Wednesday morning was no exception,  as Jayson Terdiman competed for Olympic gold in the men’s double luge.

“For folks to come out at 5:00 in the morning to cheer this two minute race on is just awesome,” Jay Jarrett the Berwick Council President said.

Jarrett was one of dozens of people who came out to attend an Olympic watch party at the Reliance Fire Company No. 1 in Berwick.  Volunteers with the United Way and the fire company set-up at 10 foot projector to livestream the competition.  

“I just can’t explain the amount of emotion, and like, just everything goes on inside of me when I am watching Jayson Terdiman,” Nicky Pajovich, a huge Terdiman fan said.

Terdiman and his teammate Mortensen first run landed them in sixth place. Through video chat from South Korea, Terdiman’s assistant called the watch party and was optimistic about the team’s second run.  Terdiman knowing his hometown was right behind him.  While his two run fell short of a medal, Terdiman’s aunts said there is still reason to celebrate.

“He made it to the Olympics. He is a star in our eyes. And we are all so very proud of him,” Eileen Boyle, Jayson Terdiman’s Aunt said.

Some calling his Olympic run, a game changer for Columbia County.

“Berwick was always known for football, but here you have a young man who was in junior high and said ‘you know what, I have a dream. And I am going to follow that dream.’  And here we are from Berwick football to Berwick’s first Olympic athlete,” Jon Pruitt, Terdiman’s former gym teacher said.