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Which Blackstone grill is best?

Blackstone grills are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their versatility and portability. Those who love cooking burgers, hibachi and breakfast outdoors are switching from traditional grills to Blackstones.

If you’re thinking of buying one, it’s worth comparing the most popular options. The best is the Blackstone 36-Inch Griddle Cooking Station, as it’s easy to set up and use and features a large cooking surface.

What to know before you buy a Blackstone grill

What can you cook on a Blackstone grill?

Flat-top grills like those made by Blackstone are versatile enough to cook nearly anything you can cook in a skillet or on the grill. Many people buy these grills specifically to make breakfast outside. Still, several meals stand out as particularly delicious.

  • Hibachi: Hibachi is a popular meal to cook on flat-top grills. Unlike traditional grills, flat-top grills don’t have grates that chopped vegetables can fall through. Making hibachi on a Blackstone allows the flavors of the meat and vegetables to blend nicely. Additionally, the flat cooking surface lets you work with small foods like rice and noodles.
  • Breakfast hash: You can use a flat-top grill to cook eggs, hashbrowns and everything else you need for a delicious breakfast hash. This meal is easy to put together, and the large cooking surface lets you make enough to feed the entire family.
  • Smashburgers: Cooking up burgers like those found in late-night diners is another popular reason people buy Blackstones. These burgers are often thinner and more flavorful than those done on a traditional grill.
  • Dry-rub chicken wings: Although it’s possible to make saucy wings on a Blackstone, many agree that dry-rub wings are easier to cook. When making dry-rub wings on a flat-top grill, consider using duck-fat spray to give them added flavor.

Seasoning your Blackstone grill

Seasoning your grill may seem cumbersome, but the benefits outweigh the time spent. The seasoning process keeps food from sticking to your grill. Additionally, it extends your Blackstone’s lifespan. All you need to season your grill is cooking oil, a damp cloth, grilling tongs and paper towels. Although you don’t have to season your grill daily, you’ll need to do it after each deep cleaning.

Blackstone grill accessories

Numerous accessories enhance your flat-top grilling experience. Many people buy squeeze bottles for oil to make it easier to cook meals like hibachi. Buying a quality cleaner with a food scraper will make it easier to keep your grill looking good. Still, it’s best not to go overboard when purchasing accessories, as you’ll rarely use some of them.

Cleaning a Blackstone grill

Blackstone’s are generally easy to clean since they feature slightly-tilted surfaces and grease collection trays. Most can be cleaned using water and a food scraper. It’s essential to heat your grill when cleaning it to make food residue easier to scrape. You’ll want to scrape food residue off your grill after each use. You may need to deep clean your grill using water and Blackstone’s scour pads every now and then.

You may want to clean your griddle using soap once you take it out of its box, but many people don’t use soap after the first cleaning. Some people choose never to use soap on their Blackstone, as it may affect the flavor of foods you cook.

What to look for in a quality Blackstone grill

Multiple burners

Many Blackstone grills come with two to four burners. Grills with more burners let you cook more food at once. Some feature H-shaped burners that provide even heat. Additionally, many grills with multiple burners have adjustable heating zones, letting you set the surface to various temperatures.

Blackstone grill size

These grills come in numerous sizes. It’s essential to consider how many people you’ll usually cook for before choosing a grill. It’s good to buy a grill with roughly 100 square inches of cooking area for each person you’ll feed. If you’re purchasing a Blackstone to take camping, it may be best to buy a smaller model.

Easy to assemble

Many grills require some assembly. Buying a Blackstone that’s easy to assemble will cut down on time between your purchase and your first meal. Still, larger grills with legs and shelves take more time to set up than small, portable grills. Longer assembly times aren’t always bad if they lead to more features.

How much you can expect to spend on a Blackstone grill

These grills cost anywhere from $100-$1,000. Portable grills are often the cheapest, whereas large stationary models with additional features are the most expensive.

Blackstone grill FAQ

How long do Blackstone grills last?

A. This can vary depending on the model you choose. Many models last up to 20 years if maintained properly.

Do Blackstone grills use a lot of propane?

A. Blackstones don’t use an excessive amount of propane. A 20-pound tank should last around seven hours if you set the grill on its high setting.

Which Blackstone grill is best?

Top Blackstone grill

Blackstone 36-Inch Griddle Cooking Station

Blackstone 36-Inch Griddle Cooking Station

What you need to know: Perfect for parties, this model features a large cooking surface and four burners.

What you’ll love: The wheels lock in place. Assembly is easy. It has three shelves to store food and cooking utensils. Most users felt this was a great bang for their buck.

What you should consider: It isn’t designed for portability.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Blackstone grill for the money

Blackstone 17-inch Griddle

Blackstone 17-inch Griddle

What you need to know: This is a great entry-level Blackstone grill.

What you’ll love: It features an H-style burner. It’s ideal for camping and tailgating. It’s easy to set up and clean.

What you should consider: This option isn’t as durable as other Blackstones.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Blackstone Adventure-Ready 28-Inch Outdoor Griddle

Blackstone Adventure-Ready 28-Inch Outdoor Griddle

What you need to know: This two-burner option features a large cooking area that can fit about 44 hot dogs.

What you’ll love: Easy to assemble, it comes with two shelves for your supplies and offers variable heating zones. It includes a grease-management system that’s simple to clean. 

What you should consider: Some reported issues with rusting after a few uses.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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