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Which larger floor pillow is best?

Lounging doesn’t just belong to the couch or a comfy chair. Bring your seating down to floor level with a couple of floor pillows. Tossed on a rug, these oversized cushions are ideal for relaxing on.

They also provide extra seating when guests come over and add a cozy dimension to the space. For creating your own reading nook, select a long floor pillow that you can fold against a wall for back support, such as the Intelligent Design Edelia Foldable Floor Pillow.

What to know before you buy a larger floor pillow


Floor pillows can transform your living area and extend seating to the ground. You can place them on a rug or a hard floor. Typically, they are used in the living room, but some large floor cushions are designed for outdoor use. Floor pillows are commonly used in children’s rooms and nurseries as little ones spend a lot of time crawling or playing on the ground. For adults, they can double as a meditation pillow; for pets, they are a place to nap. They may not be appropriate for individuals with mobility issues.

Size and shape

Floor pillows are either square, round or rectangular. For a larger pillow, you can find ones with dimensions such as 36 by 36 inches or 27 by 74 inches. A large round one measures 32 to 35 inches in diameter. Also, consider a pillow’s loft (or height), which helps determine how much cushion it provides. A style of round pillows with a high loft is called a Moroccan pouf and is used for seating.

Cover material and color

Cushions for the floor aren’t just for function but also add a decorative element. Similar to throw pillows, their material can add texture and comfort to a space. Soft, plush materials like velvet, microfiber, chenille, faux or real fur (including sheepskin) and corduroy are popular. Leather is also a material you’ll see used in Moroccan poufs. Gem tones are popular, and so are darker colors like navy, brown and dark gray for hiding stains. You may also consider a white cotton or linen cushion for a clean look.


While a pillow’s cover material can add comfort, the filling is also an important consideration for its comfort level. Low-cost filling materials often include cotton, recycled cloth, and polyester fiberfill. Foam is also a cost-effective filling and comes in different density levels. Microbeads or buckwheat filling can offer a higher density pillow, which provides the most comfort and support, but these materials usually come at a higher price tag.

What to look for in a quality larger floor pillow

Outdoor pillows

For outdoor use on a patio, lawn, deck or even for placement on outdoor furniture, select floor pillows made from waterproof, mold-resistant and quick-drying fabrics. These materials are typically acrylic or polypropylene.


Even larger floor pillows are designed to be portable. Moving one from one room to another may be a cumbersome affair, which is why select pillows feature a handle on the side. Long, rectangular ones may be foldable or rollable and come with either a strap or cover for carrying.

Patterns and design

Square floor pillows often have a tufted design and some feature scalloped edges. Round pillows may come in a mandala or bohemian pattern. These design elements add a statement to a room but may be a challenge to match with your existing decor. 

How much you can expect to spend on a larger floor pillow

Larger floor pillows cost between $70-$148, depending on the size and quality of the materials.

Larger floor pillow FAQ

Can I use a throw pillow instead of a floor pillow?

A. You can but throw pillows are a lot smaller than cushions designed for the floor and will not provide the same level of coverage and comfort. Floor pillows are also designed to be more durable than throw cushions since they can get caught in the line of foot traffic.

How do I clean a floor pillow?

A. Floor pillows with removable covers are easy to clean, and machine-washable ones are the easiest. If your pillow doesn’t have a removable cover, you may be able to vacuum it or spot-clean it, depending on the fabric. Always check the care instructions before attempting to clean your pillow.

What’s the best larger floor pillow to buy?

Top larger floor pillow

Intelligent Design Edelia Foldable Floor Pillow

Intelligent Design Edelia Foldable Floor Pillow

What you need to know: This extra-long floor pillow can be used on the floor for stretching out or propped against a wall for reading or watching TV. 

What you’ll love: This pillow is over 6 feet long, so it’s long enough for most adults and the perfect size for a napping child. It rolls up and features a strap for easy storage or travel. The chenille material is soft, luxurious and comes in a pretty color. 

What you should consider: While longer than most floor pillows, it’s not as thick and doesn’t provide much cushion. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond

Top larger floor pillow for the money

Higogogo Extra-Large Floor Pillow

Higogogo Extra-Large Floor Pillow

What you need to know: This corduroy pillow is a hit with adults, kids and pets alike.

What you’ll love: The 30-by-30-inch pillow is an ample size without overwhelming smaller living rooms. It comes in seven colors. Its size and thickness are perfect as a meditation pillow.

What you should consider: While the pillow is soft and firm, it’s too thin for some users’ purposes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Jaxx Saxx 3.5-Foot Giant Decor Floor Pillow

Jaxx Saxx 3.5-Foot Giant Decor Floor Pillow

What you need to know: This oversized floor pillow is great for the family room and stays puffy.

What you’ll love: You won’t sink to the ground when sitting on this floor pillow. It’s heavy-duty and comfortable. It comes in chenille and faux fur.

What you should consider: For some reviewers, the pillow arrives with a chemical smell that may not go away.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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