Remarkable Women: Patricia Cara

Remarkable Women

EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Throughout March Eyewitness News is showcasing remarkable women from right here in NEPA.

“I just get busy and start going,” Patricia Cara said.

With a ball of yarn and crochet hook masterpieces are made.

“It’s easy once you get started,” Cara said.

It’s a fun hobby for Cara, known as “Patsy.” But the blankets and hats are not for her.

“I make afghans, scarves, flags for the veterans,” Cara said.

They’re handed-out to people who she thinks need them most.

“I walked in one day and the one girl had her sleeves all the way down over her fingers. So I started making some hand warmers. Took them up to them. And when I walked in, and saw that they had them on, it was nice,” Cara said.

“She does good things because she wants to do good things,” Cara’s granddaughter Logan Alucci said.

Alucci nominated her as this year’s remarkable woman.

“I have a friend who still works at the grocery store, Boyer’s, and she’s like ‘your grandmother just came in and gave me a scarf’, or ‘came in and did this or did that for these people’. And I’m always just like ‘yeah that sounds about right’, because it’s truly her personality and I’m just always proud of her for that,” Alucci said.

And if she’s not making beautiful items for others, she’s driving people to appointments.

“When my friend needs to go, I take her, and anyone else needs a ride I give them a ride,” Cara said.

Each act is selfless.

“It would be great if there were more people like her,” Alucci said.

“I like to do things, but I don’t like other people to really know about it. I just do it,” Cara said.

And that’s exactly what makes her this week’s remarkable woman.

“They love it, so that’s the best part,” Cara said.

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