EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — All-month Eyewitness News is highlighting the four finalists for our Remarkable Women’s Competition. This week we introduce you to Pastor Ginger Daubenhauser.

Sunday service at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Taylor.

“I am the pastor of the church, but I don’t consider myself the leader because our congregation and the people outside are first. After the lord, those are who we serve,” stated Pastor Ginger Daubenhauser.

Pastor Ginger Daubenhauser leads service each week.

“My job here as the Shepard is to guide people, help them in their life’s problems. Maybe direct them in some questions that they may have about life in general or about the church,” explained Pastor Daubenhauser.

Her guidance extends beyond the church. For 25 years she opened her home to foster children, providing them with a safe place and a sense of family.

“We’ve fostered 39 foster infants, we took in infants. We have five children, and we adopted three little girls. Our children range in age from 41 to 19,” said Daubenhauser.

Pastor ginger saw an ad in the paper from Saint Joseph’s Center looking for foster parents. She spoke with her husband and they decided it was their calling. That decision left a lifelong impact.

“They called and said they had a little baby in Philadelphia. If you’re interested, would you come down and get her. We did, she was very, very ill. We got a call when she was 10 months old, that her sister, her biological sister, was up for foster care and would we take her. So I said to my son, what do you think honey? And he said mom, it’s what we do,” explained Daubenhauser

They are now in their late 20s and still live in the area. Their youngest adopted sister, Norah, now plays the piano at church.

“Being raised by a woman of faith and a family of faith has helped me become the person I am,” said Norah Daubenhauser.

Norah sees a remarkable difference Pastor Ginger has made first-hand.

“She also does a lot of community work with different organizations, homeless shelters, as well as a lot of food donations. As well as just uplift people in the community,” stated Norah.

“The only thing we are sorry about is that we didn’t start adopting sooner. Because we would have adopted more,” explained Pastor Daubenhauser.

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