EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — All month Eyewitness News is highlighting the four finalists for our remarkable women’s competition.

This week we introduce you to Mary Bosek who balanced working in the ICU during COVID with school and having a baby.

Healthcare heroes working on the front lines of the COVID pandemic. For registered nurse Mary Bosek the early days of the pandemic meant doing whatever it takes for her patients at the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center.

“I can be utilized more appropriately with my background in an ICU setting in this pandemic,” explained Bosek.

She made the decision to serve the most at-risk patients by working in the ICU.

“At the same time, I was in school for my doctorate,” said Bosek.

After hours dressed in PPE and working with COVID patients, Mary would go home and spend hours working on her doctorate in nursing practice from Wilkes University.

One year into the pandemic, Mary and her husband Matt had one more thing to think about, the excitement of having a baby boy.

His due date was the day she was set to end her doctorate program. She was excited but understandably nervous as a first-time mother.

“Any one of the things that she did I felt were remarkable in themselves. Then she did all three of them and then she did all three of them at the same time. Between starting a new job, having a child, working in the ICU, getting her doctorate. She had a patient who was into music and he wanted her to sing to him. That was so nice because you don’t hear about people doing that,” expressed Matt Bosek.

“Especially when there’s chaos with pandemic stuff, to really just take the time to just sit there and just sing a song. Everybody always loves her. She just has that personality to where everybody likes her. And it really is incredible,” Matt continued.

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