EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — All-month Eyewitness News is highlighting the four finalists for our remarkable women’s competition. This week we introduce you to Heather Elo.

A simple game of baseball between a mother and son. For this dynamic duo being able to play baseball together is remarkable.

“When Bryce was almost two, he was involved in an ATV accident where he had a traumatic brain injury and a stroke. We were initially told that Bryce wasn’t going to make it through the night, the day of his accident,” stated Heather Elo.

A mother’s nightmare becoming a reality for Heather Elo. A tragedy, that changed their lives forever. Nine years later, Bryce is 11-years old. He’s in school, loves video games, and loves his mom.

The road to get here hasn’t been easy.

“He has had numerous hospital stays, surgeries, brain surgeries, leg and arm surgeries, to help get him to where he can function on a daily basis,” explained Elo.

As an E.R. nurse herself, Heather knew the proper care Bryce needed to overcome challenges.

For nearly a decade, the single mother has driven Bryce to doctors in Philadelphia, Boston and Delaware and has been there for every surgery, therapy session, and hospital stay.

When heather is at work, she’s helping others in emergency situations.

“Since Bryce’s accident, I’ve worked in the emergency room. I always put myself in the position that I was on the other side of knowing the emergent situation and always making sure I’m doing the best for my patients and being a patient advocate,” said Elo.

Verna eEo sees the remarkable woman her daughter has become.

“I’m just really proud of her and everything she’s accomplished and everything she’s overcome,” said Verna.

While caring for Bryce, she continued to pursue a personal goal to become a nurse practitioner.

“She would be lying in a hospital bed, cuddling him with one arm, and studying through the night while he was sleeping or getting treatments,” explained Verna.

Heather graduated this past December.

“I wanted to make sure Bryce also understands that even though things are not always easy, you can continue to do things and push forward for what you want in life,” stated Elo.

Tune in next Tuesday morning when we’ll introduce you to another remarkable woman.