EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Eyewitness News is bringing you the first of our profile reports in the race for Pennsylvania Governor. Our first report focuses on Republican nominee Doug Mastriano, current Pennsylvania senator in the 33rd Congressional District of the Commonwealth.

Mastriano has served as a Pennsylvania State Senator since 2019.

The far-right republican brings plenty of military and real-world experience to the campaign, but if he is to move onto the governor’s mansion, he has some serious catching up to do against his democratic challenger.

Months before former President Donald Trump held a rally during Labor Day weekend at Mogehan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza, fellow Republican Doug Mastriano emerged from a crowded field of candidates to claim the GOP nomination for governor of Pennsylvania.

Just last weekend, the 33rd District State Senator, combat veteran, and retired military officer appeared before an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 300 people near Scranton.

“There is going to be a new day in PA on 8 November,” Mastriano told his crowd of supporters.

Mastriano says, if elected governor, his administration will ramp up natural gas drilling to fund fixing Pennsylvania’s infrastructure.

“On day one we are going to be out of a carbon tax and we are going to drill and dig like we’ve never done before. That’s right,” Mastriano said.

Mastriano also said he will eliminate school taxes. His campaign platform includes banning abortion, giving parents the right to choose what schools their children attend, and keeping restrictions in place for transgender high school athletes.

“On day one, woke is broke,” Mastriano laughed as hundreds of fans cheered.

“I support Doug Mastriano because he’s a God-loving man,” said Desiree Edwards, a Swoyersville Mastriano supporter.

Desiree Edwards says she will vote for Mastriano because, quote, “it feels like a fight for our children’s lives”.

“It’s deplorable and disgusting of the books that are being put in our schools for our children to access,” Edwards tells Eyewitness News.

She added it’s not the only reason she supports Mastriano.

“It’s a conglomerate of everything that he says and that he puts out there,” Edwards explained.

The polls show Mastriano trailing Josh Shapiro by double digits but Mastriano says don’t believe it, calling the race a dead heat.

“We’re going to come out in overwhelming numbers here and upset the liberals’ applecart,” Mastriano told his supporters.

A new Franklin and Marshall College poll shows Mastriano trailing Shapiro by 23 points. 620 registered Pennsylvania voters were polled: 280 democrats, 254 republicans, and 86 independents.

Next week, Eyewitness News will profile Josh Shapiro as he vies to become Pennsylvania’s next governor.