EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU)— An animal sanctuary in Lackawanna County is opening its barn doors to kids this summer, offering Earth camps and much more.

Summer camps provide more than just fun for children they also help kids develop independence, and life skills necessary for becoming successful adults, plus they can discover the joys of unplugging from technology.

One camp in our area is helping to do just that by connecting kids with animals.

Located on nearly 100 acres in Falls Township, Wyoming County, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is home to 200 rescued animals including alpacas, sheep, and pigs.

The sanctuary welcomes visitors twice a month for public tours. A group of nearly two dozen people is getting up close and personal with some of the baby goats that are a hit with the kids.

In addition to tours, Indraloka is hosting several summer camps for kids ages five through 14.

There are three weeks of Earth camps, sign up one month at a time as one is in June, another in July, and the last one in August. Each will be from 9:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

“Lunch and two snacks are included,” said Sarah Thornton the director of education at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary.

At Indraloka, it’s all about interacting with the farm animals all in an effort to teach kids, trust, compassion, love, and empathy.

“Every one of these animals has come from some form of traumatic history or complicated or difficult past when you put animals together with kids whether they’ve come from extreme trauma or they just have trouble in school sometimes it can be bullying it’s absolutely magical they heal one another the joy that comes from it is really phenomenal,” explained Thornton.

At Earth Camp, kids not only get to pet a sheep and rub a pig’s belly but they’re also immersed in environmental education and the art campers experience visual arts, music, and creative writing here in the art barn.

Earth camp starts June 19, Indraloka is offering scholarships for the summer camps to those who need financial assistance. Friday, June 2, Indraloka is hosting an open house.

For more information on its events and the earth camps simply the Indraloka website.