PA live! (WBRE) — Friday on PA live, Chris and Rachel spoke with Times Leader Media Group columnist Christopher Vernon, aka The Movie Meow.

Christopher lists some his favorite movies of the year so far:

  • You Hurt My Feelings follows an author (Julia Louis Dreyfus) who overhears her husband’s brutally honest opinion about her newest book. The film is geared towards the 40+ age group, and raises some questions on if it’s better to hear honest opinions about your work, or soak up some sugar-coated praise.
  • Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning is Tom Cruise’s follow-up to last year’s massive Top Gun: Maverick. Cruise returns to the role of Ethan Hunt for more mind boggling stunts and adventures.
  • Mafia Momma sees Toni Collette inherit a small fortune from her long-lost grandfather, as well as the unwanted title of Mafia Boss. Although the film is a comedy, it contains dramatic themes and subject matter, and Collette shines in the role of a mob boss, which is often a male role in films.
  • Oppenheimer made headlines with its massive hype both before and after release. The biopic follows the creator of the atomic bomb (Cillian Murphy), and has raked in a massive box office haul. But does it live up to its colossal expectations?
  • Talk to Me has become a favorite of many big name directors, including Peter Jackson and Jordan Peele, and it’s easy to see why. The thriller milks horror out of tarot cards, and since Christopher is a long-time tarot reader himself, the film scared him a little extra.

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