PA live! (WBRE) — Friday on PA live!, Rachel spoke with mother/daughter duo Dani and Bailey Ruhf from Child Hunger Outreach Partners, (CHOP).

Bailey tells the story of how she was inspired to work with her mother to make sure no child goes hungry, back when she was just in seventh grade.

CHOP’s Backpack Program provides kids with a bag of food every weekend, which includes two breakfasts, two dinners, two fruits/vegetables, and a handful of other snacks. These bags would discreetly go into the kids’ normal backpacks.

The program extends to high school students as well; CHOP’s pantry program provides stigma-free ways for teens to advocate for themselves.

For more information, visit, find @ChopOutHunger or @ChopNEPA on Facebook or @ChildHungerOutreachPartners on Instagram, or call 750-485-5050 for their Towanda office or 570-209-7675 for their Scranton Office.