PA live! (WBRE) — Friday on PA live!, Rachel spoke with Colleen Burns, founder of the Mom on the Run blog.

This is a crazy and overwhelming time of year for families and parents, so Colleen provides some survival tips for busy moms.

Colleen emphasizes the importance of having a snack and a nap! She recommends snacking on Dave’s Killer Bread’s organic snack bars, great for breakfast, lunchboxes, and snack time.

For easy and delicious meals, Colleen suggests Newman’s Own, not just for their delicious pasta sauces and other products, but because they give 100% of their profits to help kids.

With the weather becoming colder, Colleen describes Kamik’s boots, which will keep your kids’ feet warm this Winter.

Colleen also says that, despite the business, make some time for your family, and yourself.

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