PA live! (WBRE) — Friday on PA live!, Rachel spoke with Jerry and Cassie Seiwell from Brass Buckle Modern Mexican Restaurant and Bar in Mountain Top.

Brass Buckle’s modern Mexican cuisine stands out by adding twists on traditional Mexican foods, like shawarma tacos, Moroccan shrimp tacos with tzatziki sauce, and more!

Jerry explains how his military history helped him start the restaurant.

Jerry guides Rachel into the kitchen, where Cassie, Jerry’s daughter and the executive chef, prepares a Moroccan shrimp taco, an ahi tuna taco, some tzatziki sauce, some wasabi sauce, and some coleslaw! Yum!

Then, in the video below, the guests discuss the Veteran’s Day special: Any veteran who visits Brass Buckle on Veteran’s Day will receive a free meal of their choice both at the Conyngham and Mountain Top locations. If the restaurant is full, or if you can’t make it that day, come back for a free meal another time!

For more information, visit, find @BrassBuckle on Social Media, or call 570-708-4003.