PA live! (WBRE) — Monday on PA live!, Chris spoke with Carlo Celli, Jessie Donnini, and Victoria Hanson from the Saint Ubaldo Society in Jessup PA.

The guests explain that the Jessup House Company #2 will be hosting their 31st annual carnival, which began on May 24th and will run until Memorial Day.

The carnival opens at 6:00 p.m. from Wednesday to Friday and at 2:00 p.m. on weekends at the Fire Company Grounds on Hill Street. Admission is free.

The guests list some of the exciting features that the carnival has to offer, including food and treats, live music, a beer tent, games and prizes, and, of course, the famous Running of the Saints.

The guests explain the history of the Running of the Saints, and explain what the Fiesta Dei Ceri means to each of them. They also explain the future of the festival, and describe how it has grown over the years.

They also talk about some of their favorite parts of the festival, and describe the festival’s itinerary.

Rachel and Chris also spoke with Dominick Perini, a Jessup House Company #2 fireman, and William Muchal from the Saint Ubaldo Society.

Dominick talks about how much it costs to keep a fire company running, and what it means to him that so many volunteers are helping raise funds for Company #2.

William and Dominic also describe what we can get excited about for the carnival.

They also explain some fire fighter gear that Rachel and Chris model.

For more information on the carnival, visit or their Facebook page.

For more information on Company #2, visit or their Facebook page.