PA live! (WBRE) — Wednesday on PA live!, Chris and Rachel spoke with 28/22 News reporters Madonna Mantione and Gianna Galli; as well as their mothers, Donna Mantione and Tammy Galli!

The Mantiones and the Gallis competed in the PA live! Mother/Daughter Pumpkin Carve Off!

Each team carved a jack-o-lantern to the best of their abilities and the viewing audience votes on which pumpkin they prefer.

In the video below, Chris checked in with the competitors to see how they’re holding up. The Mantiones tease their cat-inspired design, while shouting out their cats Chloe and Gigi, and the Gallis display their Phillies logo design, as they lamented the team’s recent loss. The moms also show some throwback photos of Madonna and Gianna’s Halloween costumes from when they were younger.

Next, Rachel asked each team about their partnership throughout this pumpkin-y process. The Gallis and the Mantiones discussed strategies, team roles, and their artistic backgrounds. They also pitched their designs, vying for your vote! Remember, adopt, don’t shop, and no matter what place you come in, you’re on top!

Finally, Chris and Rachel revealed the grand winner of the PA live! Mother/Daughter Pumpkin Carve Off! Each team presented their incredible final designs! The winners took home a golden pumpkin trophy, but the second place prize, an autographed original piece of artwork featuring Nick Toma as Superman, is arguably even better.

Thanks for voting and congratulations to both teams! For more from Mandona and Gianna, make sure to watch 28/22 News.