PA live! — Wednesday on PA live!, 28/22 News held our annual Coats for Kids drive.

First, Rachel reported from our Strousburg location with Brett Alper. Rachel and Brett have been thrilled at the day’s high turnout so far. They spoke with Pat, who has been standing by with her donation. Pat explains why the cause is important to her. Anna and her dog Lola then donate some barely used coats from Anna’s closet.

Next, Chris called Andy Mehalshick, who has taken to the road. Andy just left Strousburg and is heading to Scranton. He introduces his photographer, Paul Davis, and describes some of the truck’s gadgets, and states that he is proud to use television to help raise awareness to important causes. He also provides some traffic updates!

Then, Chris checked in with Rachel and Brett in Strousburg once again. Brett and Rachel continue to have a blast, recalling some of the generous viewers who have donated so far. Donors can also receive Penguins tickets in exchange for their donations, so make sure you donate as soon as possible! Head to to learn more.

Afterwards, Rachel and Brianna Strunk said hello from the Strousburg location. Brianna’s compares this warm day to last year’s chilly November drive, and is grateful to see all the support from the Poconos. Brianna also donated her son’s older jacket, and said that she is happy that another little boy will make so many happy memories with it.

Then, Chris chatted with Josh Hodell and Nick Toma. Josh previews the weather in the coming months, emphasizing the importance of donating these coats for the Winter. Nick then compliments 28/22’s generous viewers, admiring the number of donations and emphasizing that anyone who donates at the Wilkes-Barre locations can take free lollipops.

Chris described how proud he is of 28/22 News for this drive as well as other efforts to help our community before throwing it over to Kathryn Oleary and Julie Dunphy. Kathryn and Julie state that you don’t even have to get out of your car to donate! They thank everyone who has donated so far.

Then, Chris spoke with Nick Zelaya in Wilkes-Barre. Nick did not expect his first job out of college to highlight community service as much as 28/22 News, but is thrilled to support the people that support the station, giving back.

Next, Rachel and Brett call in from Strousburg again, admiring the number of donations that have come in so far. They reiterate the importance of donating, since so many children, many of whom are playing outside after getting out of school, will need a coat for the Winter. Your donations will support children throughout the area.

Chris then wraps up the show by calling Andy, who is still on the road with Paul, as he heads to Hazleton for the Ashley location after leaving Scranton. He feels fortunate to have seen so much generosity throughout the drive.

The drive will remain open until 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Thank you for your generosity during this Coats for Kids drive.