PA live! (WBRE) — It may be hard to believe in 2022 but, on average, women are still making just 82 cents for every dollar their male counterparts earn, for women of color, the numbers are even worse. Melissa Thomas-Hunt, from the University of Virginia, and Brian Reaves, from UKG, explain a recently released survey on the wage gap, both for women and people of color.

According to a recent survey by Harvard business review analytic services sponsored by UKG, progress is being made and some employees are seeing it.

“74% of executives say that pay equity is a moderate to high priority in their company, but only 49% of those companies actually have a pay equity plan in place.” Reaves explained.

“Companies are adopting a broader array of focus on groups that have historically marginalized.” Thomas-Hunt commented.

The survey also says that more than a third of blacks and African Americans employees attribute pay inequity to discrimination and opportunities of advancement.

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