PA Live (WBRE) — “Have I ever told you about when my dog and I had to fight to survive? Or when we were accused of a crime that we didn’t commit? No? Maybe I should start at the beginning.” Wally thinks he’s nothing special. Blue always has his favorite human’s back. When the town gets robbed in the middle of the night, the duo is put to the test. This heartfelt comedy is an adventure of a boy and a dog who are guilty, innocent, heroes, and villains all at the same time. An Orange Dog Named Blue is an invitation to stand up for what’s right and uncover the truth, no matter the challenge.

E. P. Klopp is a Pennsylvania-based playwright and novelist. Currently, she is finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Lycoming College. “An Orange Dog Named Blue” is her first book, and she is excited to release more. Klopp is a cat-mom and avid nature lover.