PA Live (WBRE) — As soon as Lizzie knew that Chris Bohinski would be going to Hawaii, she decided to make something very special to share with the audience to celebrate the upcoming spectacular Hawaiian vacation on PA live!

The first thing Lizzie did was search for a basic, printable flower pattern online. She then printed several colored copies of the pattern.

Then, with what Lizzie and her family refer to as “Hand over hand” stabilization, Lizzie was able to follow along the pattern and cut out, one at a time, over 120 of these paper flowers to create her surprise craft.

She then took each paper flower, and again, one at a time, punched a tiny hole in the middle of each of the flowers, and folded each flower petal to give the paper flower some dimension.

Lizzie then gathered up some colored drinking straws, cut them into one-inch pieces, and cut green yarn into three-and-a-half foot lengths.

After carefully stringing it all together and strategically varying the colors of the flowers, as well as the straws, Lizzie came up with these beautiful Hawaiian leis to present to us today, right here on the show!

As Chris and Rachel each received their Hawaiian lei, here are some interesting and fun facts about the lei.

From Lizzie’s research on the Hawaiian lei, she found that the lei can be constructed from a variety of materials, including fragrant and non-fragrant flowers, leaves, sea shells, seeds, nuts, fruits, bright feathers and ferns, bones of various animals, beads, and even paper.

In Hawaii, the reason to wear a lei could be to celebrate a birthday, or any special occasion, such as wedding, anniversary, graduation, even a promotion at the office.

It could also just be because you like to wear a lei to enjoy the smell of flowers and to celebrate the “Aloha spirit.”

Now, a lei is often presented to someone when they are arriving or leaving, so it’s no surprise that often the first Hawaiian experience you will have when you arrive on one of the Hawaiian Islands is a Hawaiian lei “Aloha” greeting.

You may so receive a lei as a sign of friendship, love, gratitude, celebration, or honor.

When giving someone a lei, you extend the “Aloha” by putting it over the recipient’s head, making sure it’s draped over the front and the back correctly, then giving them a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

That is the way of expressing your gratitude and completing that “Love” and “Aloha” to them.

When you are done with your lei, know that it should never be thrown in the trash, but instead return the lei back to the earth.

This can be accomplished by throwing your lei in the ocean, burying it in the soil, hanging it on the limb of a tree, or draping your lei on a door or window sill to dry it out.

The idea is to return the lei to the area where it came from, which is a sign of great respect.

Inclusivity might be a new term to you or old hat by this point. Regardless, the very notion of inclusion is an important part of being human. We connect with others, we gain support from our communities and we in turn respect the humanity of those in other groups or communities. Thank you Lizzie for sharing your talents and smile with us!