PA live! (WBRE) — Friday on PA live!, Rachel spoke with Phoebe Keating Wilson, Rosemary Bohenek, and John Kelly from Bread Basket of NEPA.

Bread Basket of NEPA has helped provide food for 38 years at seven pantry locations throughout Lackawanna County.

The guests describe what they understand has been happening in the community in terms of the need for food.

They also explain their partnership with DoorDash for the Project Dash initiative, which helps deliver food to people who might not be able to transport themselves to food pantries.

The guests also talk about their military share pantry, which provides food exclusively for veterans, as well as their Spanish speaking location in the Southside of Scranton.

They also explain how they are supporting NEPA Gives, a 24-hour online extravaganza designed to help give back to the community.

Then, Chris and the Bread Basket of NEPA team hop back into the kitchen with the Bread Basket of NEPA crew to make some delicious soup and talk donating to NEPA Gives in the video below.

For more information on Bread Basket of NEPA, visit or their Facebook page.

For more information on NEPA Gives, visit their website.