PA live! (WBRE) — Friday on PA live!, Chris and Rachel welcome 28/22 News intern Hope Hardiman onto the show to celebrate the last day of her internship, as well as National Creamsicle Day.

Hope talks about the history of the creamsicle, which was originally called the eppiscle, and was invented by an 11-year-old by named Frank Epperson from Oakland, California in 1905.

Hope also explains that Frank invented the eppsicle on accident. He left a combination of water and fruit juice outside when temperatures fell below freezing, and when he went to retrieve his fruit juice, he discovered a frozen mixture with a stir stick in the middle.

Hope also describes the enduring popularity of the creamsicle, with over 2 billion sold every year.

Hope, Chris, and Rachel also made some creamsicle drinks on air.

Thanks for everything, Hope, and good luck, from all of us on the PA live! team!