PA Live (WBRE) — Toon De Schepper and Billy Berry are roommates and student-athletes on the Men’s Ice Hockey team at Wilkes University. At the age of 16, De Schepper moved to the United States from Belgium, in order to pursue a hockey career.  As he continued to meet new people the first impression of Belgium was how delicious the waffles, the beer, and fries are from his home country.  Come to find out, Toon couldn’t get his hands on a real Belgian waffle, instead he was tricked by restaurants with the perception of a Belgian waffle on the menu, and was served a tasteless waffle made from batter.  Toon figured it was a low supply market that he was ready to jump into an unmet yet expansive market opportunity.  The idea was pitched to roommate Billy Berry and from there the ball started rolling.

The food truck idea was born years ago, but was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, and didn’t start to become a reality until it was presented to the Alan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, a phenomenal resource offered at Wilkes University. The Kirby Center provides Kirby student Scholars to help develop the business such as, social media marketing and graphic design. Learn more HERE.