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The Pa Live! Kitchen

The Pa Live! Kitchen is our most popular segment on the show. Our viewers love to see the attention devoted to each dish. Remember this is live television and viewers enjoy seeing how each dish gets prepared. Our hosts and studio staff are there to help you and put you at ease on camera.

Read the checklist below to see how you can be a successful kitchen guest on Pa Live! 

Please arrive at 2:15pm.

Bring a finished product. You should bring a finished product if possible because time can always be an issue. But, always plan on preparing the dish live on the show too.

There are two kitchen segments. Each segment lasts about three minutes. If there isn’t enough time to finish what you are preparing in the first segment most chefs / cooks can finish it in the second.

Some chefs/cooks prepare at least two dishes one for each three minute segment.

You do not have to reveal your recipe, but if you want to share it, the viewers really appreciate it.

The chef doesn’t need to be the talker. If you don’t feel you are ready for TV, you are welcome to have a representative from your restaurant whether it be a manager or PR person to talk about what you are preparing.

Our kitchen is limited on supplies so bring everything you need.

The kitchen has 2 gas ovens and a 5 burner gas cook top as well as a refrigerator / freezer to keep things cold. We also have a small microwave.

We have ample counter space but may also provide an additional table if needed for prep, please let us know ahead of time if you want us to reserve the table.

We have a large counter to display your products. You can display food, props or whatever you would like to bring to make your food look great on camera.

Bring disposable trays or dishes if you wish to leave your prepared food behind.

Loading and unloading is easy in our studio. We have a door right by the studio entrance. Just remember to move your vehicle once you have brought all of your equipment in the building. Unfortunately we do not have guest parking in our parking lot. There is parking available next door in Boscov’s parking garage or on the street for a nominal fee.

If you are new to the kitchen you are welcome to do a site survey to get an idea of the space before your scheduled appearance. Please contact Chris or Rachel to get a tour.

We really look forward to having you be part of PAlive!

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PA live! FAQ


Looking for an answer to a question you might have about PA live! Look here before contacting us, you might just find what you need.

PA live! FAQ

Coming On The Show?


All guests of Pa Live! need to sign an on-air waiver. If you plan on appearing, please download the forms below, print it out, fill it out and bring it with you.

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