Submitted by: Suzanne Woodhouse, Jersey Shore

Touchdown Penguins

2 large cans of Black olives
2 full size carrots
1 -8 oz cream cheese.

Cut carrots in 1/4 inch thick slices. Cut a wedge out of the carrot. (You have just created the feet and the wedge for the beak) Roll a portion of cream cheese into an 1 inch oval. Place the cream cheese oval on the carrot slice so you can see the “feet”. Add one whole Black olive on top of the cream cheese for the head. Cut another black olive in half and place on each side of cream cheese for wings. Press the beak into the head. I used a toothpick from the head to the feet to keep it from moving and also place a dab of cream cheese on my platter so the penguins wouldn’t fall over. Easy, Fun and tastes great.