Submitted by: Sofia Muta, Greenfield Twp

Chicken Wing Dip

Peggy’s wing sauce (of whichever kind you like. I prefer Mild)
A packet of cream cheese
bleu cheese dressing
chicken breasts

Start by preheating the oven to 350 degrees. Secondly, cook chicken breasts in air fryer, on the stove, or whatever way you’d like. As the chicken is cooking, mix in a bowl: 3/4 of the bottle of Peggy’s wing sauce and 1/4 bottle of bleu cheese dressing (Add more bleu cheese for less spicyness). Mix together and let sit. Next, get an oven-safe bowl or pan at least an inch thick (tall). Make sure the pan isn’t too large (width) because you have to make a layer of cream cheese cover it. Spread cream cheese evenly on the bottom of the pan/bowl to create a layer. Once the chicken is done, let cool then shred chicken into small pieces. Add chicken into the bowl of sauce and bleu cheese and mix. Then, pour chicken and sauce into the pan/bowl on top of cream cheese layer. Crush dorito chips and sprinkle on top. Put pan in oven for about 20 minutes to warm up dip. Take dip out and add a little more Peggy’s wing sauce on top. Lastly, let cool and enjoy with doritos or tortilla chips!