SCRANTON, LACKAWANA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) To say addiction is a struggle is an understatement.

An estimated 293,000 Pennsylvanians reported having an active substance use disorder in 2021. Among them are mothers who are trying to get clean for their children and themselves.

Eyewitness News met some of these women who’ve helped create an inspirational symbol of their struggles with the disease of addiction, and their hope for recovery.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a newly unveiled mural inside the Wright Center for Community Health in Scranton would require thousands more.

“I painted all of the sidewalk,” said Schrece Graff of Old Forge, a Healthy MOMS Participant.

Cracks and all, which Graff says represent the struggle with a disease that often takes years to recover.

“Just a couple years ago, you know, I wasn’t… I wasn’t the best person. I wasn’t doing the best things or making the right moves for my children. I was only focused on myself and my drug addiction,” described Graff.

She leaned on the Wright Center Program called Healthy MOMS, an acronym for Maternal Opiate Medical Support.

“When they come to us, they’re really struggling, a lot of them and we get to see them at their worst and then, you know, through the work they put in come to the other side and it’s really a beautiful experience,” said Vanessa Zurn, case manager of the Wright Center for Community Health’s Healthy MOMS program.

When asked how Healthy MOMS helped her as a mother, Graff responded, “Oh, it’s helped me as a mother, as a person. Just doing the day-to-day, everyday struggles. Umm, it’s helped me be a much better person, a much better parent.”

“I literally say they saved my life,” explains Casey Smith of Scranton, a Healthy MOMS participant.

Smith, a mother of four, credits healthy moms with helping her climb out of the depths of despair. Her recovery journey is reflected in her mural contribution.

“I painted a lot of different things like the angels and some of the lettering but I put the serenity prayer in there myself,” said Smith.

The prayer which speaks of wisdom and courage to change what you can is recited at healthy MOMS meetings.

“When they can start to connect with something, that’s when we see the real recovery happen,” explained Zurn.

And helps these moms be their best.

“I’ve been able to really pull myself out of that and see the bigger picture and my children are the bigger picture,” said Graff.

15 mothers and seven children helped make the murals with much support from others including physicians and staff members. The murals are prominently displayed together at the Wright Center’s Scranton facility near the Healthy MOMS office.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs website.