TREVORTON, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Zerbe Township supervisor elect is facing charges after police say he illegally broadcast a conversation without informing the participants.

According to court records, on December 5th, 59-year-old Walter Paczkoskie was confronting several individuals about the collection of water samples while he had someone on his phone listening to the conversation.

It was later discovered during the investigation that Paczkoskie had previously called the individual and told them to listen in on the conversation while he made the confrontation.

The victim and Paczkoskie had previously had altercations in the past that included a verbal argument at a bar. Police say Paczkoskie had also been driving past the victim’s home and place of employment, sometimes several times a day.

Paczkoskie faces charges of stalking, disorderly conduct, harassment, and intercepting communications.