(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  The news came in a tweet Thursday from Governor Tom Wolf. Saying “Having heard the concerns of county officials, I am scheduling the special election to fill the remainder of Congressman Tom Marino’s term on May 21, to coincide with the Primary Election.”

That decision comes as a relief to many leaders throughout the 12th district including those in Wyoming County.

Having been caught off guard by Marino’s resignation Commissioners were worried the governor would have picked a different date which would have cost them up to $60,000 to run a special election.

  “For such a small county, if it cost us $60,000 just think what it would cost our surrounding counties and everything” Said Commissioner Tom Henry.

Wyoming County Commissioners sent this letter to the governor urging him to put the special election on the same day as the primary in May.

They believe it made the most fiscal and practical sense.

  “It’s harder and harder to find people to work polling places and a lot of them are older people, as I am older, and it puts a burden on them because it’s a long day for them” Added Commissioner Judy Kraft.

   The 12th congressional district is massive extending from Susquehanna County — out west to Clinton County — and down all the way to Juniata and Perry Counties. The Wyoming County Director of Elections says if the Governor chose any earlier date than May 21st  they could have been in a real mess with their voting machines.

  “If there’s a recount or an audit or something that is mandated by the state after an election, those machines have to be locked down and untouched until that 30 days is up,” said Florence Kellett, Wyoming County Director of Elections.