Your Local Election HQ- Debate Night -What Can We Expect


(WBRE/WYOU) The day has finally arrived.
      The much anticipated and talked about first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is tonight at 9..
      The two will face off at Hofstra University in New York.
      The debate will be broadcast on all major networks.
The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick tells us what some people are expecting.

Some are calling it an epic showdown that could  decide who will be the next president of the United States…

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton canceled their public appearances this weekend to focus on the debate…Dr Dave Sosar is a Political Science professor at King’s College. He says trump must be presidential..

“I think that Donald Trump has to come across very level headed. He doesn’t have to get into all the specifics that Hillary Clinton does.”

Sosar says trump must also not come across as a bully..

“I think it  would be better for him to bring a little less punch and bring about a more presidential attitude tonight.”

Clinton, he says, must show that she has a command of the issues..

“I think if she tried to goad Trump it will work against her.”

Sosar believes that Clinton must talk  directly to the voters..

“Hillary Clinton has to actually appear real. She has to appear concerned about everyday people.”

Another voter we spoke with says she doesn’t want this debate to turn into a name-calling event..

“Some common sense. Something that they are going to make for our future and our children’s future brighter.” Said Ginny Murphy of Dallas
Sosar says that since the race is so close there is so much at stake in this first face to face meeting. A major stumble could break either candidate..

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