Hamilton Township, Monroe County — Monroe and Carbon County animal shelters have a big problem on their hands; too many dogs. It comes after last week’s rescue of more than 50 Yorkies from a Carbon County home.

Eighteen of the Yorkies are staying at Camp Papillon Animal Shelter in Snydersville. Volunteers kept busy all weekend nursing them back to health.

“People were washing dogs, it was kind of like an assembly line”, said Gerri Papillon, President.

The dogs arrived last Wednesday scared, covered in fleas and sore with matted fur.

“They were infested. So it takes a lot to try and get rid of for that many dogs”, added Papillon.

The shelter opened just five weeks ago. This “Yorkie Overload” is stretching shelter resources to the limit.

“We’re feeding them, walking them. I mean, it takes resources for all of it”, she added.

With other buildings filled with dogs and cats, Gerri Papillon says any financial assistance will help. Next month volunteers plan to raise money during their annual Polar Plunge, at a pond on the site.

“It’s a relief that it’s coming because we’re going to need the funds”, Papillon added.

At this point, the shelter has no idea how long it will have to care for the animals. Papillon says situations like this happen more often than you may think.

“Some of the people actually have good intentions. But they can’t care for 40, 50 how many dogs there were at a time”, she said.

State police filed charges against the Yorkie’s owner. Once the case is closed, they will be up for adoption. TO MAKE A DONATION:   http://www.camppapillon.org