Wyoming County nursery ‘plants ahead’ with trees for Christmas 2031


EATON TOWNSHIP, WYOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — As many nurseries across the country saw last year, Christmas trees were in high demand. They quickly became hard to come by. So, a local business is planning ahead, way ahead, for Christmas 2031.

“At Christmas time people were really, really wanting to get out and do things from being shut in and so on and so forth. So we actually had a really, really great Christmas season,” said Veto Barziloski of Bennies Nurseries.

But with such a great Christmas season, a lot of trees were sold with more needing to be planted for Christmases ahead.

“The thing of it is, we are planting today, with the hopes that we are going to harvest these seedlings in eight to 10 years from now,” Barziloski said.

As those in the Barziloski family say, planting this many trees for years ahead is a gamble, but one that has a large payout.

“You put all the effort in, not just planting in the ground, but through mowing and trimming, everything else that it takes to maintain a crop, in the hopes that in seven to 10 years that you have a viable product to sell, and that people wanted to buy it. So, it is a slight gamble, a long-term gamble as they would say. So, we’re holding the stock long-if you will,” Veto Barziloski Jr. said.

“Frazier fir and concolor fir, this tear we are hoping to set out about 15,000 trees. And it will take us the better part of two weeks to do that,” Barziloski Sr. said.

The third generation of the more than 100-year-old farm is satisfied that those family members — who worked the land before them — have much joy.

“Again, you get the history, where my dad would tell me, well, we use to plant these all with just a dibble bar, and by hand. And now we are mechanically planting, we expanded the size of the farm, and you can only imagine that they are smiling down from heaven,” Barziloski Sr. said.

As they said, it generally takes about 10 years for the Christmas trees to grow. Most of the 15,000 trees will be ready to be picked for Christmas of 2031.

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