EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — A Wyoming County native and 1980 Lackawanna Trail graduate is on the ground overseas helping Ukrainian refugees.

Richard Jackson set out this week to make a difference on the Ukraine border.

“I am going to attempt to find some Ukrainian refugees in need of clothes or medical attention,” said Jackson.

Retired from the military Jackson’s trek has taken him to different parts of Moldova. “We help the small guy, that’s where I got my inspiration from.”

“You would never know that there is a war going on just a few miles from here If you ask any of the locals from Moldova they will tell you they are in fear that Moldova is next,” said Jackson.

Stopping in the capital of Chișinău Jackson helped at the Mold Expo where refugees can check in. Then to Tiraspol on the Ukrainian border where he found a warehouse run by several organizations distributing food and clothes as well as a nearby church doing the same.

“And I stuck around there for a little bit gave away some clothes, everybody here is very appreciative,” said Jackson.

When Russia’s war on Ukraine began in February he set out to bring his own donations of clothes, hygiene and medical supplies to Ukrainians who have fled from their war-torn country.

Richard Jackson, Helping Ukrainian Refugees
“Their house may be blown up, family members may be passed away but they’re all very very grateful for what everybody’s doing,” said Jackson.

Jackson’s next stop is making his way to Budapest, Hungary.

“Where I will hopefully be able to give away the last of my clothes. I don’t really have a plane ticket home yet because I wasn’t sure what I was going to be doing, but more than likely in a week or so I’ll start heading back,” said Jackson.