Working Outdoors in the Bitter Cold


(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  It is difficult enough running from your car to your workplace- but imagine if you had to spend the day outdoors working.  The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick spent the day with those on the job.

Jamie makes special deliveries for the U.S. Postal service in the Hazleton area that usually means delivering to the front door lots of walking.

Jamie wears plenty of layers to make the postal rounds.

  And somebody has to start those dead battery vehicles. Or tow them out of snow banks.

That’s Chad Hetler’s Job at Zenier’s Towing Company in Hazleton.  He was sporting two sweatshirts and snow pants for his day at work.

We found these P-P-L Power Crews getting ready to head to their next job. It might be to restore power in a neighborhood or repair power lines broken by snow and ice.

Chris Pecile with PPL says they wear a lot of clothes, drink coffee and take a few breaks to stay focused.

  And there our first responders. Many of who are volunteers. They don’t get paid a penny for the important. Possibly life-saving work they do in all types of weather. We caught up with firefighters who put out a small fire in Larksville.

   “They are sweating their faces are wet from the water. You’ve seen it before guys are coming out their bunker gear freezes up turns to ice. That’s when rehab has to come in you know.” Said Chief Milk Petriga, Larksville Fire Department.

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