BRODHEADSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Since the start of the pandemic, grocery stores have been essential and kept their doors open despite some struggles with shortages.

Eyewitness News checked in with the world’s largest ShopRite in Monroe County to see how they’re working through recent spikes in COVID cases

“There’s a lot going on, there’s more to this store than just the cashiers. You got to remember, they did build the world’s largest ShopRite here,” said Michael Campagna of Kresgeville.

The sight of customers lined up at checkout inside the Brodheadsville ShopRite has been an everyday occurrence. Manager Angela Kinsley, who married into the Kinsley family that owns the store says it’s been a struggle.

“Right now with the uptick in cases in Monroe County, we’re really having a problem. If you’re in the store shopping, you’re probably going to wait in line in most of the busiest departments because half of the people are just not here right now,” said Kinsley.

Kinsley says pre-pandemic, they had about 450 employees running the store but since August, they’ve lost about 80 of those workers.

“It’s really hard to overcome that loss. To try to staff and keep hiring when if you hire three people, maybe only one of them stays, so it’s a constant struggle,” Kinsley said.

She says she’s been working in the front end and another manager was flipping burgers for its café on Wednesday filling in the holes of those out.

Eyewitness News checked in with shoppers leaving the store who say they appreciate the employees working hard.

“They just opened up one cashier line for us so we got out pretty quickly,” said Leslie Manigault of Brodheadsville.

“Everybody has to chip in, I mean we’re all trying to navigate through weird situations… what you’re seeing is bound to happen in any supply chain,” said Campagna.

ShopRite officials say without the valuable hard work from its employees during the pandemic they wouldn’t have been able to keep their doors open.