SWOYERSVILLE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A controversial resurfacing project is entering the final stages along a busy Luzerne County roadway.

The Eyewitness News I-Team recently found drivers complaining the road work led to dirt, debris and even damage to property and vehicles.

PennDOT defends the oil and chip process, saying it’s designed to make for a smoother ride and extend the life of the roadway.

It all began several weeks ago during a process where oil and chips were put on the road.

Now, PennDOT completed a big step in the project and we spoke with drivers while they were stuck in traffic.

It was another day of roadwork in Swoyersville Borough.

PENNDOT workers were busy Tuesday making progress on a major seal coat project happening on State Route 1010.

The work stretches several miles through Swoyersville, West Wyoming, and Exeter.

PennDOT says this seal coating, commonly referred to as oil and chip, is a cost-effective treatment to preserve the surface of roadways.

“Getting stuck is a little hard going back and forth to work,” said Raymond Williamson of Edwardsville.

For weeks drivers have been complaining that it’s causing damage to their cars.

The complaints even caught the attention of State Senator John Yudichak, who said his office received questions from angry drivers.

Locals like Raymond Williamson faced lenghty delays during rush-hour as Main Street was shut down to one lane.

“I see they’re putting a new road in, which is good. It should help traffic once it’s done. But putting up with the mess while it’s being done is a heartache,” Williamson explained.

But now PennDOT says the final stages are being laid down.

Crews are clearing debris, spraying the road with oil and applying a layer of fine stone on top of it.

“If I knew it was gonna be like this I probably wouldn’t of came down,” Walter Solt commented.

Resident Walter Solt didn’t realize the project was still going on until witnessing the commotion while on a bike ride.

“It’s kinda tough when it’s like major traffic time of day, but I guess they have to do it when they have to do it, before it gets really cold,” Solt added.

PennDOT says the next and final step of the project is line painting.

“I’m looking forward to it being over, not looking forward to winter where I can’t ride the bike no more, but yeah, waiting for it to get done,” Williamson said.

Drivers should use caution and seek an alternate route when traveling in the area.

PennDOT says work on the project is scheduled to wrap up by Friday, excluding any weather or operational delays.