EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — PennDOT officials are keeping an eye on the winter storm as they held a press conference Tuesday afternoon to remind drivers about ways they can prepare.

The best time to prepare is now. Officials want to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for the winter storm, as they prepare the roads.

There’s snow on the ground outside of PennDOT’s Engineering District 4 Building in Dunmore and inside they are preparing for more later this week. The monitors in the incident command center show the region’s interstate cameras. This allows officials to monitor roadway conditions… And see when an incident happens.

“We’re monitoring the forecast right now, the storm appears to be starting as snow,” Jonathan Eboli, the Assistant District Executive of Maintenance.

PennDOT officials say snow and call for the roadways to be treated with anti-icing measures.

“If winter weather is forecast eliminate all unnecessary travel, this will keep you and your family safe and allow PennDOT to more easily perform its winter duties,” said Lonell Shalkowski the Acting Maintenance Servicing Engineer

PennDOT officials say they are ready for this storm, with plenty of drivers and salt. The plows are prepped and ready to hit the highways. However, this storm isn’t cut and dry.

“From what we can tell right now the storm will end as rain so that presents issues potentially with refreeze in the evening hours,” Eboli added.

Drivers should always use caution, slow down, and allow plows to complete their routes.

“If you’re stuck in traffic so are we, this means that if storms hit at rush hour you should plan extra time for your commute,” Eboli continued.

All routes are covered but district 4 is still hiring to get ahead of the storm and keep roads clear.

Lastly, pack a winter emergency travel kit.

“This should include warmer clothes, gloves a blanket a flashlight water nonperishable foods, and any medication you may need,” Shalkowski explained.

You also want to make sure you have a least half a tank of gas and clear all snow and ice off of your car before driving.