DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The wind has been a major issue this Monday morning causing power outages across the region.

At the Viewmont Mall, the winds whipped through the area carrying a lot of snow all over the place. The snow tapered off when daybreak approached, and at that point, the winds finally died off.

It is believed the snowy conditions and the winds contributed to the power outages that the area saw. Also along Business Route 6, Home 2 Suites lost power early Monday morning.

“Some people were upset, but I’m like ‘I’m sorry we tried to do what we could but there’s not much we could do,’ said Matthew Gregorowicz, front desk clerk.

“Friday there was a water main break up the road, and today we were without power. Could have been worse. Could have had nowhere to stay,” said hotel guest, Krystle Beauregard.

The good news is power has been restored at the hotel and most of the guests should be fine for the rest of the morning.

Other power outages throughout the area will be fixed during the rest of the day, as the snow has stopped and drier weather is expected for the remainder of the day.

Eyewitness News is tracking the outages in our area as thousands are still without power.

Keep checking Eyewitness Weather for the latest weather updates and up-to-date road conditions.