WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local coffee shop has returned after years of being closed. The original owner passed away and the new owners decided to make a comeback and carry on its legacy.

Located in the Pajama Factory in Williamsport, Buzzsaw Coffee recently opened its doors for the first time under a new name.

“We have drip coffee every day, and we have fresh-baked pastries just like we offer at the sawhorse cafe,” said Jesse Darrow, owner of Buzzsaw Coffee.

Around one years ago it was also a coffee shop called Way Cool Beans. After the owner passed away this space stayed vacant.

Jesse says he and his wife decided to make the purchase and bring the coffee shop’s legacy back to life.

“He built a nice foundation for us to come in and continue to build on,” stated Darrow.

Jesse and his wife also own Sawhorse Cafe in the city but their love for coffee-inspired them to open another business.

“I got my first espresso machine when I was 12 so I’ve been very passionate about coffee for a very long time,” said Darrow.

In addition to coffee, they also display local artists’ paintings as decor.”The art on the walls is also something that we are really proud of our community for. We change the art every 2 months at the sawhorse and we plan to do the same here. Hopefully featuring pajama factory artists for the first year,” explained Darrow.

Even though Buzzsaw just opened they’re already planning to expand.

“We’re pretty well staffed for the hours we’re offering now but we’re looking to expand. So yeah we’ve been interviewing and having a lot more luck than we did last year,” stated Darrow.

To learn more about Buzzsaw or employment opportunities, head over to the coffee shop’s website.