WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A house in Wilkes-Barre was demolished on Tuesday as part of Wilkes-Barre Mayor, George C. Brown’s Blight Remediation Plan.

Mayor Brown announced, a house at 20-22 Sullivan Street was torn down Tuesday morning as after it was deemed a danger to the public.

According to Mayor Brown, the BRP began when he took office in 2020 and has continued every year since.

The BRP was put together by the mayor and his team and its mission is to look at the city as a whole and identify certain properties by their severity of disrepair to determine if they can be remodeled and brought back to life, or demolished because they aren’t safe.

“As the mayor, it’s my duty to find properties that are a danger to the public and that property was, so the structure had to come down right away and we did it,” explained Mayor Brown.

A structural engineer has the final say on if a house can be remodeled or if it needs to come down, Mayor Brown added. The house at 20-22 Sullivan Street was deemed unsafe because it had holes in the roof, allowing outside elements inside.

According to Mayor Brown, the city used $17,790 from the general funding budget to have the house razed by a private contractor.

Mayor Brown says the city will continue to evaluate properties that may be a danger to the public.