Wilkes-Barre Dept. of Public Works tackles illegally dumped garbage


WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — The illegal dumping of trash has been a problem in Wilkes-Barre for years. Monday, the department of public works started clearing out an area behind Carlisle Street.

Neighbors say they are relieved the work is finally being done.

Paul Sabados has lived on Carlisle Street in Wilkes-Barre for 4 years. This is the first time he’s seen garbage cleaned from the area behind his house.

When he first moved in, there was no gate between his yard and the land covered in garbage.

“So all this garbage was just accessible to the yard. So we begged the landlord for 2.5 years to get the gate up and he finally got us one. So we can at least get rid of the trash that’s in our backyard and try to keep our kids out of all the crap out here,” he said.

The DPW spent Monday morning cleaning up chairs, cans and dozens of bags of litter. The dumping of trash behind Sabado’s house is illegal.

“We see it. We see the pick up trucks coming down here with loads of garbage and leaving without nothing,” he said.

DPW staff say illegal dumping is an ongoing issue in Wilkes-Barre.

“This is one of the main hot dumping spots. We’ve been back here plenty of times cleaning this up,” said lead DPW operator Timothy Pearce.

Sabado is frustrated at just how much garbage had been dumped over the years.

“During the summer time, when it’s like 80 or 90 degrees out it’s bad. Like it’s to the point where you don’t even wanna hang out in your backyard.”

“It’s ridiculous how these people just throw stuff around their garbage. Like they have no respect for the city,” said Pearce.

Neighbors say they are grateful that action is being taken to clear their backyards.

“The new mayor is actually trying to do something around here. The old mayors, they weren’t doing nothing. Nobody came back here,” said Sabado.

“The mayor is very, very strict on. He is looking to improve the quality of life in the city and the residents as much as he possibly can,” said Pearce.

Neighbors call for cameras and barriers to be installed to help prevent this issue.

“That’s the best way of doing it. The railroad don’t want it down here, we don’t want it down here. So let’s take some action and do it.”

The department of public works is urging people to buy blue bags and help clean up their neighborhoods and their city. 

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