Why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to buy fireworks


DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE 28/WYOU 22 EYEWITNESS NEWS) — Fireworks season for the Fourth of July is ramping up, but this year there’s a problem. There is a shortage across the country.

Business owners are telling Eyewitness News you do not want to wait until the last minute to get all the fireworks for you at-home display.

Fireworks are on display in more ways than one at Bulldog Fireworks.

“This year I am going to try and keep a little safe with fountains, bottle rockets, and some Roman candles stuff like that,” said Bill Ehrig of Dunmore.

Ehrig came with his son to “take a gander” at the selection.

“They look like they have a pretty good, decent selection here so, it looks okay,” Ehrig said.

The stocked shelves give you that illusion.

“We’re in a pretty unique situation because we are importers and we were successful getting probably 75 percent of our product ordered,” said Chuck Karam, owner of Bulldog Fireworks.

Karam says he monitors every step, from production in China to delivery. He says the reasoning behind the shortage on consumer grade fireworks is due in part from last year’s record breaking sales which drove supply down.

“Only certain freight carriers move fireworks and space is limited and demand is high. And that creates the shortage,” Karam explained.

TNT Fireworks is running into the same issue.

“We have nothing left under the tables. Everything is out,” said David Hunsinger of TNT Fireworks.

Hunsinger says in a typical Fourth of July season he would place two reorders for his tent located in the Dickson City Crossings. That’s not happening. Which is driving the prices up across all businesses.

“We got probably about half of the amount of quantity that we usually get. Like I said our shelves are packed, usually stacked up twice as high,” said Hunsinger.

Karam tells us from his more than a decade of experience in importing and selling fireworks, he does not see the supply correcting itself for two years. He says that includes product and pricing.

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