POCONO TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We have an update to a story Eyewitness News has been following out of the Poconos involving the possible sale of the former Pocono Elementary Center.

The Pocono Elementary Center tucked away on Tumbleweed Drive has been closed since 2013.

Now it operates as Pocono Mountain School District’s only indoor golf and baseball training centers.

Its fate was unknown after the industrial company Core5, which is behind two controversial plans to build warehouses in Pocono Township, offered more than $8 million dollars to purchase the property.

The company’s offer led to an outcry from the community at a school board meeting back in September.

“Please keep in mind, not all money is good money,” said Rebecca Smith of Pocono Township.

Core5 later retracted its proposal as Pocono Township pursued its own offer to buy the school, about 150 thousand dollars over the appraised value, which was denied by the district last month.

“I understand that the school board has to look out for all the townships and not just Pocono, but you know we were hoping to develop two community centers, an emergency shelter there, and move our police and administrative operations over there so it is unfortunate,” said Jerrod Belvin, Vice Chair Commissioner of Pocono Township

Commissioner Belvin says he hopes the Pocono Mountain School District’s Board will reconsider their offer.

“We do know that it’s costing six figures a year just to maintain that school, which is costing the taxpayers, you know more than just Pocono Township that money so we hope that they’ll reconsider and maybe change their mind,” said Belvin.

Eyewitness News reached out to the district’s school board for its reasons behind the denial, a spokesperson stated in part:

“The district will have to incur the cost of relocating these important training centers for our student athletes if the property is sold. Those relocation costs would be incurred by the entirety of the district’s taxpayers if the property is sold as part of the district’s general operating and capital improvement budget.”

They stated the district made a counter-offer to the township that was turned down and no further offers have been made since.

The property remains owned by the district.