(WBRE/WYOU-TV)  We are in the midst of getting ready for the Night Before Christmas 2018 Edition.

As many of you know this is the time of year when the staff gathers to read  “The Night Before Christmas”.   The new version will air on Christmas Eve.  

We have been reading the classic tale for many, many years.  

Videographer Tony “Ingy” Ingargiola found most of our vintage versions.   We thought it would be fun to take a look back at the way we were.  

Our tradition started when former anchorman Keith Martin would read the story and we would show photos of our staff.  When Keith moved on from Eyewitness News it was decided we would continue the tradition but we the staff would read the lines.  

    Over the years the faces have changed, some of our friends have moved on to other stations, some other careers.  Some have retired.  And sadly, some have passed on.  

Over the next few days, we will share some of our readings here on PAHomepage!   

  We hope you enjoy!  

Twas the Night Before Christmas:  1993

Twas the Night Before 1995


Twas the Night Before 1996