MCKEAN COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — That’s no pot of honey and this is no Winnie the Pooh. When a wild bear finds food, it takes it.

This bear was recorded in McKean County, Pennsylvania by Eureka Fire and Rescue medic Howie Ament in July, as he was driving through Allegheny National Forest. The bear can be seen grabbing the body of a deer and dragging it from the middle of the road and back into the cover of the forest.


According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, black bears are generally shy and avoid contact with humans. They suggest doing everything you can to prevent close encounters and conflicts with bears, including the following:

  • Keep your campsite clean and odor free. Wipe tables and clean eating utensils thoroughly after eating. Burn all grease off grills and camp stoves.
  • Store food in safe or bear-proof places, like in a car trunk. You should never keep food in your tent.
  • Dispose of garbage properly by using camp receptacles if provided. You can also store trash in your vehicle. You should never leave garbage behind.