EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Dealing with record-high temperatures this week skiers and snowboarders in the Poconos are having to wait to hit the slopes.

The crunching sound of snow brings excitement to all skiers and snowboarders in the Poconos but the warm sunshine lately has caused some delays.

All of Shawnee Mountain Ski lifts are empty. They had to push back their opening day due to higher temperatures melting all of its snow.

Holy Stokes, a snowboard and skate lifestyle shop in East Stroudsburg, opened its doors in May and is hoping winter comes quickly to help with the business.

Close to the mountain the owner of a new local snowboard shop shares his disappointment with mother nature.

“It’s just disappointing to know that it’s December 17th and it’s 51 degrees, but it happens and hopefully it’ll turn around relatively soon,” stated Charlie Pruettipon, owner of Holy Stokes.

It has anything you need to hit the slopes along with day-to-day clothing and gear for skateboarding.

He tells Eyewitness News although they struggled when opening their loyal customers keep them going.

“It’s been a challenge just because of the pandemic but social media, friends, my family, my wife’s family, it’s just been word of mouth really and it’s been very welcoming with the local skateboarders and snowboarders,” explained Pruettipon.

Pruettipon’s says the warmer weather hasn’t impacted them too much because of their skateboarding products but they’re looking forward to winter-time tourism.

“Hopefully winter does come soon. I know a lot of people… a lot of mountains are open and a lot are trying to open… it’s just mother nature hasn’t cooperated yet,” said Pruettipon.

With upcoming cold temperatures in our weather forecast, Shawnee Mountain has announced its tentative opening day for Christmas Eve.