WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Local farmers have had an uphill climb this year with heavy rains, hurricanes, and now unseasonably warm weather. So how has it affected their harvest?

Farmers are in the middle of their Fall Harvest and many have seen great crops despite some weather obstacles.

“This year we’ve had a really good year. We were afraid after Ida where we got six inches of rain in one day. That was scary and we thought our tomatoes and stuff would be hurt. Actually, it came through and was okay,” explained Logan Broyan, Broyan Farms.

With the heavy summer rains behind us, many farmers say the sunshine and warm weather have helped.

The Owner of Dymond Farms, Chris Dymond says although there was an exceeding amount of rain, his farm still had a great year.

“We’ve had more rain than we wanted, but we’ve been fortunate,” Dymond said. “We’re on top of a hill, so we get a lot of wind, so it kind of dries a lot of it out. Our crop has been really fantastic this year.”

“The warm weather is good for things like tomatoes and peppers. That’s going to keep them pushing and coming,” Broyan explained. “The only thing that will affect them is when we get a frost, which we may get in a week or two. That’s what will kill off our tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and red beets.”

For Brace’s Orchard, the warm weather has been nearly ideal for their apples.

“The warm weather has been fine. We’ve had cool nights. So warm days and cool nights turn the color on apples. That’s how you get a nice red color on apples,” Logan Brace explained. “If you go to Southern Pennsylvania or upper parts of Maryland certain varieties of apples won’t get good color because they don’t get the cool nights we do.”

We’ve been getting these 70, 80 degree days but sometimes those nights are down in the ’50s,” said Brace.

Despite some potential obstacles, local farmers still welcome the public’s help.

“We appreciate everybody coming out to support the farmers market and out to the local orchards and farms. It’s been a great year and let’s keep it that way and support the local farming,” Brace said.

The farmers also said they will take the warmer weather over the cold and snow, any day of the week.