STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – A suspect is on the loose, and local authorities are looking for any credible leads to track him down.

Outside the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, you’ll find the Warrant Wall where pictures of wanted suspects are posted.

“Kind of a ‘wall of shame’, if you will,” explains Cpl. Scott Martin, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

As you walk past the posters, there’s one in particular that’s turning heads.

“They stop, they look, they do the double take because they can’t believe what they’re seeing,” Cpl. Martin smiles.

Then, they read the description.

“The subject in question is about 20 inches in length, 22 pounds, he has brown and grey hair, brown eyes, sharp teeth,” he adds.

It’s Punxsutawney Phil, and he’s in big trouble!

“I think it’s good. I think that they need to get him, yeah. They need to get him and bring him in because we need spring. We need it now,” laughs Mary Montgomery of Stroudsburg. 

On February 2nd, Phil promised there would be 6 more weeks of winter. That promise expired last week.

Now, the groundhog is “grounded” and wanted for Deception.

Your help is needed to get this guy out of his hole and into jail.

“If they [the public] sees him, give us a call, because we want to take him into custody,” Cpl. Martin laughs.

Cpl. Martin created the clever poster because he says he is sick of the snow, especially in spring.