It’s normally the time of year vultures would be flying south. And many have, but there are dozens in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne County that are hanging around. 
Around 60 black vultures have staked a home at the Trailways to Heaven Animal Rescue for the past two months. 
It’s run by the Roche family, and they cater to all kinds of animals. Some of whom are fed outside, but that has changed since the vultures go after it. 
“It makes it difficult. I’ve had to rearrange feeding schedules to try to keep the feed from them,” said Jamie Roche. 
Not only food, but the vultures have torn siding off the house and damage on of the barns on the property. Since the shelter is a no kill shelter, the family doesn’t want to apply for a permit to kill the vultures. They’re searching for any ideas that may help to chase the scavenger birds away. 
The number at the animal rescue is, (570) 864-0844.